Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yes, I'm behind!

Ok, I confess! I am terrible about blogging! So, here are some pics of our most up to-date events. Cason is now 2 and a half and is so busy. He loves to be outside and just being busy! He loves to swim so he is now in swim lessons and is doing great. Cole just turned 1 in May and is such a sweet baby. He is just now getting his top teeth in and is still not in any rush to crawl. Both kids are so opposite! I just know that if Cole could talk that he would be telling Cason to slow down and to lower his voice! Cason talks all the time and he speaks very loudly. Ky and I are constanly laughing because the kids are so funny! I have uploaded a video of Cole eating his Birthday dessert! His Birthday celebration is a funny story. I was not planning on having a party for Cole, but then I thought about the fact that he would not have any pictures in his baby book from his first birthday. I then realized what a terrible mom I would have been if I did not have any pics from his first Birthday, so I got creative. Ky's dad and brother were planning a grand opening celebration for their new boat business on Lake Conroe. I knew that Jackson and Marissa (the kids cousins) would be there, so I told them that we were going to bring a balloon, candle, and dessert and we could sing "Happy Birthday" and take some pictures. So, thats what we did. They had a wonderful tent out on the lawn for the grand opening and they catered BBQ. It was wonderful weather and the kids had fun. Cammi and I got a big laugh at the whole thing. What can I say, at least I was creative and I now have pictures of this 1st birthday.