Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cason Turns 2 and Cole is 6 months

Cason had a "dog" birthday party to celebrate his 2nd birthday. We had a really fun time, but little Cason was not his normal self that day. He really was not interested in his party (not even his cake) and later that day he did have fever. So, the rest of us had a great time visiting and eating some yummy hamburgers and delicious cake. He ended up with a cold and sweetly passed it to his brother and mommy. Cason is growing up to be such a big boy. He is singing so many songs and is learning more and more. After the kids are asleep at night Ky and I talk about the funny things that Cason says and does during the day. We laugh so hard when we reminisce. Cole turned 6 months and he is an absolute cutie. He really has been a pretty easy baby thus far. He is talking more and more but is not in any rush to get his teeth or crawl. He is so laid back. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fun at the hayride! By Cason Carlson

By Cason Carlson: Cole and I got to go help Doc and Granny with their annual hayride! We were such big helpers! There were lots things that needed to be taken care of when I got there. There were ants that needed to be killed, cows that needed to be checked on, and lots more. I I helped Doc with the tractor and I also helped my cousin Matt with the hay. Cole really was not much help. Granny and mommy had to entertain him alot! Here are some pictures that I thought you all would enjoy. If anyone of you needs help with your next event, just call my mom....she does all my booking! Love Cason

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Super Cason!

OK, I have the cutest kid ever! We went to a little boys birthday party and the theme was super heros. Each child got a cape and Cason really liked his!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cole is 4 months old

I can't believe it! How time goes by so quickly with two little boys. Cole is now rolling over and is starting to get a few teeth in. He is such a laid back baby. We got to spend some time with our dear friends from California the other day. Cason spent the day with his GiGi and Grandpa, cousins Sam and Sydney, and Aunt Jennifer from Oklahoma while we spent the day at the mall and Market Street with Chad and Carly. It was one of my first times to get to spend with Cole without his big brother. We had such a wonderful time and he was a really sweet baby that day. We strolled around the mall and market street and ate some really yummy food that day. Cason is learning so much and is becoming more independant. He loves to push his tractors around the backyard and play with the dogs outside. He is counting to 15 and is learning it in Spanish as well. It is super cute to hear that! He is learning simple bible verses and is singing songs like "Jesus Loves me", "I've got the Joy Joy", "This little light of mine", and of course "The Wheels on the Bus." I had no idea that he could be learning so much in such a small amount of time. He will be starting the childrens program at Bible Study Fellowship next month when he turns two. This is such a great program for children as he will be learning what I will be learning in Bible Study but on a childs level. They have so much fun! Ky's brother L.P. recently got married and I have to say that Cason stole the show that day. Sorry Uncle P! Cason walked down the aisle with another little boy, but as soon as he saw his Uncle P at the end, he took off running to see him. It was so sweet that he had a few of us in tears. It was such a great memory! Overall, we are so very blessed with two wonderful boys and are continually grateful for God's goodness in our lives.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cole with his daddy

This was a really cute pic I took of Cole with Ky!