Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cason Turns 2 and Cole is 6 months

Cason had a "dog" birthday party to celebrate his 2nd birthday. We had a really fun time, but little Cason was not his normal self that day. He really was not interested in his party (not even his cake) and later that day he did have fever. So, the rest of us had a great time visiting and eating some yummy hamburgers and delicious cake. He ended up with a cold and sweetly passed it to his brother and mommy. Cason is growing up to be such a big boy. He is singing so many songs and is learning more and more. After the kids are asleep at night Ky and I talk about the funny things that Cason says and does during the day. We laugh so hard when we reminisce. Cole turned 6 months and he is an absolute cutie. He really has been a pretty easy baby thus far. He is talking more and more but is not in any rush to get his teeth or crawl. He is so laid back. I hope you enjoy the pictures.